Designed and made in Korea, these stackable and portable caddies are perfect for organizing home, office, makeup, craft, art supplies, and more.

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What are the dimensions?

Our small storage caddy is available in three sizes. Not including the handle they measure:

Square: W6.5 x D6.5 x H4.1 inches

Rectangle: W9.8 x D6.1 x H4.3 inches

Long Rectangle: W13 x D6.8 x H3 Inches

Will a can of soda fit in the compartments?

Yes. A standard 12oz soda can fits in all four compartments of the square caddy, four of the five compartments in the rectangle-shaped storage caddy, and in all eight of the long rectangle caddy.

What type of material is used to manufacture the Blue Ginkgo Storage Caddy?

Our storage caddy is designed manufactured in South Korea from PS - HIPS (High-Impact Polystyrene) so you can have full trust and confidence in what you're getting. If it's not made in South Korea, it's not authentic.

How many items come in each order?

Each order includes one (1) storage caddy.

Can you stack the square and rectangle-shaped caddies on top of each other?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot stack a square caddy on a rectangle caddy. Each shape should stake on top of the same shape.

Korean design. Simplified living.