Reduce Waste, Save Space

Our food grade silicone storage containers are designed to help you reduce waste and save space! Made in Korea, these containers are perfect for leftovers, lunch, camping and snacks. They can also be used for freezing, microwaving and baking food. Plus, the innovative nesting design makes the most of your space and they are dishwasher safe. Put an end to your waste and maximize your space with our silicone storage containers!


Where are Blue Ginkgo silicone food containers made?

At Blue Ginkgo, we are proud to manufacture our silicone food containers in South Korea. This gives us access to top-notch raw materials and the latest in manufacturing practices. We believe that this quality combination results in a product that is not only better for the planet but also our customers.

What type of silicone material is used to manufacture Blue Ginkgo food containers?

We are proud to offer our Blue Ginkgo food containers, designed with high-grade, FDA-approved food-grade silicone that is BPA-free and incredibly durable. Not only does the gasket free design make for easy cleaning, but it's even dishwasher safe! Our commitment to providing you with the best products is why we manufacture our containers in Korea, so you can have full trust and have confidence in what you're getting.

Does the silicone pass the ‘pinch test’?

At Blue Ginkgo, we understand the importance of using only high-quality, safe silicone. Although the 'pinch test' is often used to assess the quality of silicone, it is not a reliable method of determining if a product meets FDA standards. Unfilled FDA-grade silicone can still whiten temporarily when pinched to an extreme. To ensure you are getting a safe product, we recommend looking for silicone certified by a reputable agency such as the FDA. Our silicone containers are made with FDA-grade food-grade silicone that is laboratory tested. Plus, they are manufactured in South Korea, so you can trust you are getting an excellent quality product.

What are the most popular ways to use Blue Ginkgo containers?

The possibilities for Blue Ginkgo silicone containers are truly endless! We recommend these containers for everything from storing leftovers and dry goods, to packing snacks and camping. Our silicone containers are impact resistant and airtight, which helps keep your items dry and odors in. Plus, they are microwave, freezer, and oven-safe, so you can use them for practically any kitchen task.

Is it safe to put Blue Ginkgo silicone food containers in the dishwasher?

Yes, our silicone food containers are easy to clean and can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

What are the dimensions of the Blue Ginkgo silicone containers in the 3-piece set?

Each 3-pack set of our silicone containers comes with three different sizes of containers and solid, easy-to-clean silicone lids. You'll get a 2.9" x 1.7" x 2.00" (6.7oz) container, a 3.6" x 4.4" x 2" (10oz) container, and a 4.5" x 5.3" x 2.5" (20oz) container.

What are the dimensions of the largest Blue Ginkgo silicone storage container?

Our 47oz / 1400ml container measures 2.9" x 5.5" x 8.8" and comes with a solid and easy-to-clean silicone lid. Perfect for storing leftovers and keeping food fresh!

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Are Blue Ginkgo silicone containers microwave safe?

Yes. Our Blue Ginkgo silicone containers are microwave-safe. To ensure optimal safety, we recommend leaving the lid of your container partially open to allow steam to vent and allowing the container to cool off before handling. Enjoy!

Can I use Blue Ginkgo silicone food containers in the oven?

When baking with your silicone container, it's essential to ensure you remove the lid and place it on an oven-safe sheet or pan. You'll also want to keep the heat under 425 degrees Fahrenheit (218 Celsius). Remember to let the container cool off before handling it again.

Is it safe to use Blue Ginkgo silicone food containers in the freezer?

Yes, you can absolutely freeze your container. We recommend filling it up to the top of the volume marker, properly sealing it, and then placing it in the freezer. For added convenience, you can even use dry erase or chalk markers to label your containers so that you can easily identify them when you're ready to thaw and enjoy your food later on!

What is the most effective way to label a Blue Ginkgo silicone container?

Yes, you can absolutely write on Blue Ginkgo silicone containers with both dry erase and chalk markers! Once you're finished writing, we recommend hand washing your container with a sponge and warm soapy water.

What makes the interior of the Blue Ginkgo silicone food container glossy?

The inside of our Blue Ginkgo silicone containers are polished to make them easy to clean - no extra coating necessary. We achieve this by plating the silicone mold with stainless steel for an extra smooth finish.

What are the benefits of a nesting silicone food storage container?

If you're looking for the perfect storage solution for your kitchen, nesting silicone food containers are the answer. This set comes with 3 sizes that fit inside one another, so you can easily keep your countertops and cupboards clutter-free when not in use. Enjoy the convenience of easy organization and storage - no more mess!


How do I clean my Blue Ginkgo silicone container?

Our Blue Ginkgo silicone containers are both dishwasher friendly and easy to handwash. Simply use soapy water and a soft sponge for a quick and easy cleaning process. Enjoy the convenience of easy-to-clean silicone containers.

What is the most effective method for removing stains from a silicone food container?

Don't worry if your container has been left with a bright stain from colorful ingredients - we have the perfect solution! Leave the container in direct sunlight for a couple of afternoons and let the UV rays do their work. After a few days, the stain will be gone, and you can continue washing as usual. How awesome is that?

How to eliminate odors and refresh a Blue Ginkgo container?

Don't worry if you're noticing an odor on your Blue Ginkgo silicone container - there's an easy fix! To rid your container of any lingering odors, try baking on an oven-safe pan at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 8-10 minutes or soaking it in a mixture of vinegar, hot water, and salt for an hour. Once you're done, just clean as normal and you'll be good as new!

How to remove dishwasher detergent marks?

Using dishwasher soap without phosphates is a great way to help avoid spots. Unfortunately, they can still sometimes appear as a result of hard water. To remove them, why not try soaking your containers overnight in water and either white vinegar or baking soda? You could also leave them to air dry for a bit. With these helpful tips, you should be able to get your containers looking sparkling clean in no time!

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