delish - 25 Life-Changing Amazon Products For Under $25 by Allison Arnold (09/28/2023) "Instead of placing a colander in the sink, this extendable strainer will fit to most sink so your produce or pasta can properly drain and dry."
Bustle - The Most Clever Home Upgrades Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon Now by Rebecca Martinson (09/05/2023) "Nothing ruins a meal quite like having your ingredients spill out of your strainer and into the sink — but that’s where this strainer comes in handy."
Bustle - These Weird Things Under $25 On Amazon Are So Damn Clever by Alexa Vazquez (09/03/2023) "This over-the-sink colander can be used for many things, including washing and drying fruit, straining pasta, thawing frozen food, and even drying dishes."
Mic - 65 Cool Things on Amazon That Are Legitimately Brilliant by Laura G.(08/12/2023) " It’s no wonder why over 12,000 reviewers and counting rated this over-the-sink strainer five stars. It’s a genius solution for maximizing kitchen space, especially if you usually depend on a bulky colander to wash and prepare fruits and veggies."
Food & Wine - These Are the Amazon Kitchen Essentials That Home Cooks Desperately Want for Summer by Maria Cassano (08/02/2023) "Most colanders are clunky and notoriously hard to store. This frequently wished-for strainer basket reaches up to 19-inches long to span the length of your entire sink, so you can rinse and dry all of your produce."
Mic - 40 Cool Things for Your Home Under $35 That Are Popping Off On Amazon Now by Bimini Wright (07/28/2023) "This versatile colander is a must-have for your kitchen. Use it to rinse, drain, and dry a variety of foods, or as a bonus site for drying dishes. Its adjustable design fits most sinks and saves space when not in use."
Elite Daily - Amazon's Selling A Ton Of These Clever Things You'd Never Know Are Under $30 by Rebecca Martinson (07/23/2023) "Able to expand from 14 out to 19 inches, this strainer rests on the edges of your sink to help keep it stable, making it highly unlikely that it’ll tip over and spill while you’re pouring ingredients into it."
Mic - Amazon Keeps on Selling Out of These Dank Things for Your Home by Rachel Bar-Gadda (07/13/2023) "Wash produce and dry dishes quickly and easily with this over-the-sink colander that frees up precious countertop space. It expands from 14 to 19 inches to fit the dimensions of your sink and features large drainage holes for fast drying."
Condé Nast Traveler - 68 Prime Day Travel Deals You Can Still Snag by Madison Flager (07/17/2023) "Amazon's 2023 Prime Day has come and gone, but the savings aren't entirely over just yet. Dozens of deals on travel gear are still hanging on, and a few are even better than what we saw on Tuesday and Wednesday."
Bustle - 65 Of The Strangest Products On Amazon That Are Insanely Popular (For Good Reason) by Rebecca Martinson (07/02/2023) "This heat-resistant over-the-sink strainer expands out from 14 to 19 inches, making it suitable for sinks both large and small."
The Every Mom - 35 Amazon Essentials for Your Beach, Pool, and Lake Days This Summer by Gianna Aldana & Jessica Welsh (06/27/2023) "Summer is in full swing, and that calls for fun-filled days at the beach, pool, and lake for some well-deserved R&R. While there’s no better playground than nature itself, it’s still important that you come prepared with the right gear to make these trips run smoothly."
Inverse - 45 of The Cleverest Things For Your Home Most Added to Amazon With Lists by Mackenzie Edwards (06/25/2023) "This over-sink colander can be used for a variety of tasks, such as rinsing vegetables and fruits, draining pasta, thawing frozen food, or even as a dish rack to air-dry utensils, cups, and small plates. It can expand from 14 to 19 inches to accommodate different sink sizes and save space when not in use."
BuzzFeed - 27 Product From Amazon That Parents Swear By For Beach And Pool Days by Felisha Rossi (06/17/2023) " I had been looking for a sturdy, non-plastic sand toy set, and I'm so glad I found this one by Blue Ginkgo. Plastic tends to get brittle and usually breaks over time. I wanted something that would grow with my toddler for longer than a year."
BuzzFeed - 27 Things Every Parent Will Need To Ensure That This Will Be The Best Summer Yet by John Mihaly (05/27/2023) "An investment-worthy silicone beach toys set (bucket, shovel, molds, mesh tote bag) for some super sandy fun this summer and for many summers to come."
Food & Wine - I’ve Tested Dozens of Food Storage Containers to Handle Our Mountain of Leftovers—These Are the 7 Best by Katie Brown (05/18/2023) " The silicone set from Blue Ginkgo comes complete with a 6.7 ounce, 10 ounce, and 20-ounce container ideal for kitchen multitaskers like myself. I love how these can pop in the freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher without ever getting damaged or dinged."
RealHomes - Kickstart your kitchen decluttering with the kitchen storage containers reviewers are raving about by Joseph Bobowicz (05/07/2023) " Now, this is adorable. Ideal for storing leftovers or snacks, this set is both dishwasher-safe and suitable for freezing and microwaving. Oh, and when they're not in use, they stack together neatly."
Southern Living - Amazon Has An Entire Mother’s Day Gift Guide Dedicated To Moms Who Love To Cook, Starting At $9 by Gabriela Izquierdo (04/22/2023) "Meal prep is a breeze with the Blue Ginkgo Over-The-Sink Colander Basket. The slim,  expandable basket fits over kitchen sinks no matter the size and makes it easy to wash veggies and fruits or drain pasta. The handy tool is especially great for the mom who loves to pre-chop all her fruits and veggies."
Condé Nast Traveler - I'm Raising a Bilingual Child—These Are the Books and Toys We Love by Ashlea Halpern (04/18/2023) " No matter what second language you want to introduce to your child, there’s a Hebrew fidget popper, Korean letter-tracing board, or Ukrainian alphabet puzzle that can help."
Reader's Digest - These Life-Changing Amazon Products Will Dramatically Improve Your Day-to-Day by Emily DiNuzzo (04/11/2023) "Folks with tiny and large kitchens alike will appreciate the design of this collapsible strainer. It stretches to fit the molds of most sinks, allowing you to strain or drain things easily and hands-free."
allrecipes - Here Are the Best New Amazon Kitchen Gadget Deals This Month—All Under $25 by Daniel Modlin (04/06/2023) "Straining pasta or washing berries requires a level of forethought: After all, you have to ensure the sink is clean to rest your colander in. Well, this colander goes over the sink, eliminating that problem for good. It expands or contracts, depending on your sink size, and is perfect for washing or drying anything, even mugs."
The Buffalo News - The Best Space-Saving Food Storage Containers by Cassie Sheets (04/02/2023) "These silicone food storage containers from Blue Ginkgo aren’t just nesting space-savers — they also are aesthetically pleasing. If you love the minimalist look, grab this set of three for $30."
Better Home & Gardens - The 9 Best Colanders of 2023 for Produce, Pasta, and Grains by L. Danietla Alvarez (03/29/2023) "To get the most out of your colander’s use, we like Blue Gingko Over the Sink Colander. Whether you’re washing and draining fruits and veggies like carrots, asparagus, or grapes, or drying recently washed cooking utensils, this colander fits securely over your sink and drains quickly."
lifesavey - The Best Reviewed Amazon Products You'll Actually Use by Anne Taylor (03/09/2023) "If you’re looking for a versatile and modern colander for your kitchen, the BLUE GINKGO Over the Sink Colander is a great option. With an average rating of 4.7 stars on Amazon, this colander is perfect for a variety of tasks."
allrecipes - Shoppers Say This $18 Find Is the ‘Most Useful Item’ They’ve Purchased for Their Kitchen by Kristin Montemarano (03/04/2023) "It’s no surprise this affordable tool has gained popularity on social media apps like TikTok, as well as climbed its way to the number 7 spot in Amazon’s most wished for kitchen items list—it’s a practical piece nearly everyone can benefit from."
In The Know - TikTok Users Love This Expandable Strainer for Stretching Over Your Sink by Ellie Conley (03/02/2023) "There are a few reasons it’s so loved. For one, it’s versatile. Use it to rinse veggies, drain pasta, thaw frozen food or even use it as a dish rack to dry utensils. Secondly, it expands to sit over your kitchen sink from 14.5 inches to 19.5 inches. When it’s contracted, it’s small enough to tuck away into a crowded cabinet."
sheknows - Amazon Shoppers Call This $14 Over-the-Sink Strainer the ‘Most Useful Kitchen Tool’ They Have Ever Purchased by Olivia Harvey (02/21/2023) "Can a strainer really be life-changing? According to the reviewers who have tried out the adjustable sink colander from Blue Ginkgo, yeah, it definitely can."
Inverse - 50 Of The Most Genius Things For Your Home Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists by Allison Bolt (01/13/2023) "This extendable strainer makes it easier to wash all of your produce because it sits on top of your sink instead of all the way at the bottom. You can see each leaf of kale better with this dishwasher-safe strainer at countertop height, and it works to rinse and drain produce or dry your cups and utensils."
Mom Junction - 13 Best Blocks For Babies To Buy In 2023 by Vibha Navarathna (02/02/2023) "The open-ended Montessori toy set contains 24 pastel-colored blocks and a wooden tray for easy sorting and storing. Moreover, the blocks are washable either with warm water and soap or in the dishwasher."
Mashed - The Best Colanders Of 2023 by Anita Surewicz (01/28/2023) "Designed to sit on the rims of your kitchen sink, the Blue Gingko sink colander makes fast work of washing fruit and veggies or draining pasta. The rectangular, BPA-free plastic colander can also be used as a dish drying rack."
Domino - This Week in Cool Things for Kids: A Mini Espresso Machine and Silicone Building Blocks on Sale by Domino Staff (01/13/2023) "The main reason we adore them is that they’re adorable. Since the rainbow palette is so pretty, we wager they’ll be far less likely to bother you (or guests) when strewn about a living area or playroom floor."
Inverse - 50 Cheap Things That Are Selling Out on Amazon Because They're So Freaking Clever by Christina X. Wood (01/02/2023) "If you find yourself deep in the splash zone when doing dishes, this silicone sink guard is an easy way to prevent that. It suctions onto the sink in front of you and protects from the watery backsplash that happens when sudsing up pans or bowls. And it’s easy to remove, clean, store, or hang to dry when you’re done. It comes in five colors."


Inverse - 50 Clever Ways to Make Your Home Way Better For Under $35 on Amazon by Alexandra Elizabeth (12/10/2022) "Make washing fruits and veggies a hands-free experience with this over-the-sink strainer basket. It extends up to 19 inches and has lips that balance on the sides of your sink so you can rinse your produce and let it drain directly into the sink as it dries. It also works for cooked veggies, as it’s heat-resistant up to 212 degrees."
domino - The Best Amazon Gifts for Kids (and Their Parents), Found by Liz Buxton (11/07/2022) "Soft, durable, BPA-free, easy to clean, and easy on the eyes. These are just a few reasons why this set of rainbow-colored silicone building blocks makes joyful gift material for both parents and kiddos. Reviewers attest that their babes absolutely adore them, with more than one describing the blocks as easy to hold onto and durable enough to outlast being chomped on."
Food & Wine - The 7 Best Colanders of 2022 by Jacqueline Weiss (10/20/2022) "This best-selling over-the-sink colander not only collapses down for fuss-free storage in tight spaces, but it also has an adjustable body that can extend from 14 to 19 inches to fit small and large sinks alike. Once you find the right length, the colander rests easily in your sink, so you can strain pasta, rinse produce, and even wash kid's toys."
Food & Wine - If You're Short on Kitchen Space, Shoppers Say This Adjustable Colander 'Changed the Game by Perri Kressel (08/27/2022) "As Amazon's bestseller in its category, this item has over 7,000 five-star ratings from satisfied users. Case in point, this person who titled their review, "How did I live without this?"
Bustle - These Cool Things With Near-Perfect Reviews Are Selling Out Fast On Amazon by Maria Sabella (08/06/2022) "Rinse fresh produce from the farmer’s market, strain perfectly al dente pasta, or dry washed dishes using this extendable over-the-sink colander."
Bustle - These SUPER Clever Things Under $20 Are Taking The Internet By Storm by Julie Peck (07/31/2022) "Adjustable to fit a wide variety of sinks, this over-the-sink colander is the perfect kitchen tool for cleaning and rinsing your fruits and vegetables, as well as draining pasta, potatoes, and more. The BPA-free colander is heat-resistant, and works great for thawing and draining frozen foods as well."
Bustle - The 50 Best Cheap Products Suddenly Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon by Veronika Kero (07/23/2022) "Adjustable from 14.5 to 19.5 inches, this colander is able to fit over most sinks to cut the time you spend draining and rinsing. The basket design makes it perfect to use for both rinsing and drying, because you don’t have to transfer from bowl to bowl anymore. All your food can remain on it’s BPA-free surface."
Vogue - Make a Splash With the Best Pool Accessories and Outdoor Decor Finds This Amazon Prime Day by Elise Taylor (07/13/2022) "It’s Amazon Prime Day, which means the perfect time to shop for the best pool accessories and summer decorations."
Condé Nast Traveler - What to Pack for a Family Beach Trip, According to Well-Traveled Parents by Nila Do Simon (07/11/2022) "The Palm Beach Lately sisters also love the ease of bringing along Blue Ginkgo’s silicone beach toys, a lightweight, travel-friendly option that helps encourage their kids’ creativity and engineering skills. “The bendable material makes these beach buckets and toys perfect to pack and travel with,” Aschenbach says."
Bustle - If You Want A Nicer Home But Don't Know Where To Start, Check Out These 40 Clever Things by Mackenzie Edwards (07/10/2022) "This expandable over-the-sink colander makes washing produce or draining pasta a much easier task. This unique gadget extends from 14.5 to 19.5-inches long to accommodate your sink. It does the job of a three-in-one compact gadget: rinse with it, drain food in it, or use it to dry your dishes. It’s Amazon’s #1 bestseller for colanders."
Bustle - Extremely Useful Things People Call Their Most Amazing Finds Of The Year by Rebecca Martinson (07/04/2022) "Pop this colander overtop your sink, and you’ll instantly have a convenient place to wash veggies, fruits, or even strain pasta. The sides expand so that they can fit over sinks up to 19 inches wide — and you even have six fun colors to choose from."
Mic - A Colander That Expands to Fit Over Your Sink by Julie Peck, Claire Epting and Anna Anderson (07/02/2022) "Free up both hands for rinsing produce or draining pasta by using this colander that extends to fit over your sink. Expanding from 14.5 to 19.5 inches, it’s dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose from a handful of colors that are easy to spot in your cupboard, like yellow, aqua, white, and pink."
Bustle - These Things Came Out Of Left Field & Are Quickly Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon by Julie Peck (06/25/2022) "Designed to extend over your sink so you can easily wash and drain produce, this colander basket is one versatile kitchen tool. You can also use it to thaw frozen foods, drain pasta and boiled potatoes, and even wash delicates — it’s incredibly useful. It collapses to a smaller size for space-saving storage."
Bustle - Of All The Weird Home Products That Are Popular On Amazon, These 45 Are Clever As Hell by Olivia Bowman (06/17/2022) "This plastic over-the-sink strainer makes it easy to wash produce, drain pasta, and more. The extendable plastic strainer is designed to rest on either side of the sink for convenient draining. It fits most sinks and is conveniently dishwasher-safe. And it’s heat-resistant, so you can totally use it to drain pasta.
REAL SIMPLE - Over 5,600 Shoppers Love This Best-Selling Colander With a Genius Feature That Makes It Fit Any Sink by Sanah Faroke (06/14/2022) "One person who called it a "kitchen must have" constantly leaves it in their sink. "I'm obsessed with this," they said. "It makes washing fruits or draining pasta so much easier, and such a simple cleanup. Also adds a nice pop of color to my kitchen."
Motherly - The Best Sand Toys For Toddlers and Kids This Summer by  Sara Goldstein (06/07/2022) "I mean, just look at this gorgeous set. Even better, the pieces are made from silicone which you can crush inside a suitcase if you’re taking the show on the road."
HuffPost - The Best Small Kitchen Appliances And Cooking Tools by Tessa Flores (05/19/2022) "This extendable strainer fits the specific length of your sink to rinse vegetables, thaw foods, strain pastas or even serve as an impromptu drying rack when your regular dish rack is too full."
Inverse - You'll Use These Cheap, Clever Things At Least Twice A Day Because They're So Damn Helpful Christina X. Wood (05/07/2022) "Who says colanders have to be bulky, cumbersome, and idle when not in use? This colorful and slender strainer fits right over the sink so you can use it to wash fruit, let dishes drip dry, and strain the pasta."
Martha Stewart - 10 Food Containers for Picnics That Will Keep Your Favorite Dishes from Spilling in Your Basket Madeline Buiana (05/03/2022) " Another important thing to consider when packing foods for a picnic is presentation says Viljoen likes. These good-looking sage green containers come in a three-pack of different sizes that all stack nicely on top of one another."
Bustle - 40 Irritating Problems Around Your House You Didn't Realize Are Easy To Fix by Madison Barber (04/30/2022) "This easy-to-wipe-clean silicone guard adds about 3 inches of height to give an extra barrier between you and splashing water and soap. When you’re not using it, wipe it clean, and allow it to dry with the convenient hanging hole on the side."
Bustle - If You Like Awesome Sh*t, You'll Love These Weird Things That Are Actually Genius by Allison Bolt (04/23/2022) "The expandable design fits over your sink, allowing for hands-free use, but it’s also narrow enough to not take up all of your dishwashing space. Since it stays out of the way, this BPA-free colander is also helpful for drying dishes."
Inverse - Weird Sh*t Under $30 That So Many People Are Obsessed With by Christina X. Wood (04/16/2022) "Expand this slender and pretty colander over the sink so you can wash fruits and vegetables, let dishes drip dry, and strain the pasta water, hands-free. When closed, it stores easily and when opened it fits perfectly into your sink’s opening. It comes in five beautiful colors to add a pop of color to your kitchen."
CNN - 40 Products Under $30 That Will Make You Want To Show Off Your Kitchen Immediately by Bianka Ramon (04/07/2022) "This Blue Ginkgo Strainer Basket is the #1 Best Seller in Colanders, and with good reason. It's multipurpose and versatile because it can be resized to fit over any sized kitchen sink. I use it to rinse and dry vegetables and fruits, rinse pasta and rice, and even thaw frozen food. It doubles up as a dish rack or basket when it's not in use for food."
Bustle - Of All The Weird Home Products That Are Popular On Amazon, These 45 Are Clever As Hell by Olivia Bowman (03/27/2022) "This plastic over-the-sink strainer makes it easy to wash produce, drain pasta, and more. The extendable plastic strainer is designed to rest on either side of the sink for convenient draining."
Inverse - Amazon Keeps Selling Out of These 50 Clever Things That Make Your Life At Home So Much Better by Christina X. Wood (03/26/2022) "This colorful kitchen sink guard does more than bring a pop of color to your sink area, it protects your clothes as you wash the dishes. Just suction it to the area between the water and your front and let it take the splashes dealt out by large pans and sprayback."
Mic - If You're Into Cool Sh*t Check Out These Weird & Clever Things Getting Popular Now by Dena Ogden (03/13/2022) "This handy over the sink strainer goes from 14.5 to 19.5 inches, giving you tons of flexibility to use with fruits, veggies, pasta, or even as a dish drying rack."
Mic - Your Life Could Be Easier Around The House If You Do Any Of These 40 Things by Rebecca Martinson (03/13/2022) "Whereas regular strainers can tip over, this one expands to fit over your sink so that it’s incredibly unlikely that anything will spill out."
Bustle - 50 Cheap, Clever Things For Your Home That'll Impress The Sh*t Out Of You by Claire Epting (03/19/2022) "Made out of durable plastic, the colander has several rows of small holes that allow water to pass through — so you can effectively rinse off produce, drain pasta, and more."
Bustle - If You Like Awesome Sh*t, You'll Love These 50 Things That Make Your Home So Much Better by Claire Epting (03/12/2022) "Easily rinse off produce, drain pasta, and thaw frozen foods in this plastic strainer that fits over your sink."
elite daily - Genius Products On Amazon That Are Clutch For Solving Your Nasty Home Problems Anna Anderson (03/07/2022) "This nifty strainer works for everything from rinsing fruits and veggies, drying cutlery, or as a simple and chic countertop basket."
Inverse - Clever Things For Your Home You'll With Were Invented Sooner by Christina X. Wood (02/28/2022) "This clever strainer expands until it rests on the edges of your sink to make straining pasta, washing produce, or even drip-drying a few glasses super easy."
Kitchn - This Over-the-Sink Strainer Is Blowing Up on TikTok — and Has More Than 5,000 Glowing Amazon Reviews by Erin Cavoto (02/23/2022) "The Blue Ginkgo Over-the-Sink Colander will not only fit across any sink for easily draining pasta, but it’s also the ultimate tool for rinsing produce with no fuss at all."
Bustle - If You Want A Nicer Home But Don't Know Where To Start, Check Out These 40 Clever Things by Mackenzie Edwards (02/15/2022) "This expandable over-the-sink colander makes washing produce or draining pasta a much easier task. This unique gadget extends from 14.5 to 19.5-inches long to accommodate your sink. It does the job of a three-in-one compact gadget: rinse with it, drain food in it, or use it to dry your dishes. It’s Amazon’s #1 bestseller for colanders."
Mic - The 6 Best Silicone Food Storage Containers by Venessa Spilios (01/30/2022) "Made from BPA-free, food-grade platinum silicone, each container has a tight-fitting lid and is safe for use in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, and freezer."
Mic - 40 Cheap Home Improvement Products That Work So Freaking Well by Mackenzie Edwards (01/23/2022) "Tired of ending your dish-washing chores with a soaking wet shirt and floor? This splash guard is the cheap upgrade you need. The silicone splash guard sits on your countertops high enough to keep you dry, but discrete enough that it won’t get in your way. It’s flexible and easy to move, plus it dries quickly."
Bustle - Extremely Useful Things People Call Their Most Amazing Find Of The Year by Rebecca Martinson (01/21/2022) "Pop this colander overtop your sink, and you’ll instantly have a convenient place to wash veggies, fruits, or even strain pasta. The sides expand so that they can fit over sinks up to 19 inches wide — and you even have six fun colors to choose from."
Inverse - 50 Cheap Things That Are Selling Out on Amazon Because They're So Freaking Clever by Christina X. Wood (01/02/2022) "If you find yourself deep in the splash zone when doing dishes, this silicone sink guard is an easy way to prevent that. It suctions onto the sink in front of you and protects from the watery backsplash that happens when sudsing up pans or bowls. And it’s easy to remove, clean, store, or hang to dry when you’re done. It comes in five colors."
Elite Daily - 50 Weird Things That Came Out Of Nowhere & Are Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon by Rebecca Martinson (01/02/2022) "I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten my shirt wet when cleaning dishes at the sink — but if I had this splashguard up, I’d definitely walk away much drier. The bottom suctions to your counters to help keep it standing up, and there’s even a little keyhole on the corner so that you can hang it up in storage."


Bustle - These 45 Things You Deal With Every Day Don't Actually Need To Be A Pain In The Ass by  Rebecca Martinson by Rebecca Martinson (11/22/2021) "You don’t have to come away from washing dishes with a shirt full of water splotches — just put up this clever splash guard. It sticks to most smooth surfaces, including granite and laminate and adds three extra inches of protection, but the wavy design still makes it easy to get your hands in the sink."
Bustle - 43 Cheap Things That Make A Big Impact Around The House by Nina Bradley (11/22/2021) "Maximize precious counter space with this heat-resistant sink colander. It has an expandable design so that its handles conveniently sit on the edges of your sink. The holes located on its base allow liquid to drain as you wash produce or strain pasta. To add to its convenience, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher."
Mic - 47 cheap, high-impact home upgrades that are wildly popular right now by Rebecca Martinson (10/10/2021) "Walking away from the sink with a wet shirt is never a good time — so grab this splash guard."
Mic - 47 clever things that'll instantly make you like your home a lot more by Claire Epting (10/04/21) " Keep water from spraying on your clothes as you do your dishes by suctioning this splash guard to the counter. Made of sturdy silicone, the guard creates a barrier between your body and the basin, and the unique wave design won't dig into your forearms while you wash. When not in use, this guard makes a nice backsplash against your kitchen tile."
Food & Wine - This Expandable Colander Keeps Pasta, Fruits, and Veggies Out of the Drain in Any Sink by Melissa Epifano (09/29/2021) " Holding your food at the perfect height is Blue Gingko's Over-the-Sink Colander. The basket can expand and retract to fit any size or shape of sink—yes, even round ones—and makes kitchen tasks, like straining and rinsing, easier to complete since it sits above the basin rather than inside it."
Yahoo! News - TikTok users love this expandable strainer for stretching over your sink by Ellie Conley (09/22/2021) "There are a few reasons it’s so beloved. For one, it’s versatile. Use it to rinse veggies, drain pasta, thaw frozen food or even use it as a dish rack to dry utensils. Secondly, it expands to sit over your kitchen sink from 14.5 inches to 19.5 inches. When it’s contracted, it’s small enough to tuck away into a crowded cabinet."
Mic - You could be so much more comfortable at home with any of these 47 cheap things by Claire Epting (09/13/2021) "Prevent water from splashing up while you're doing the dishes by investing in this silicone guard."
elite daily - 47 Damn Good Things On Amazon, Surprisingly Less Than $25 by Rebecca Norris (08/28/2021) "Tired of walking away from the sink with little droplets all over your clothes? Just pop this splash guard onto your counter. The suction cups on the bottom keep it firmly in place, and the high-quality silicone easily wipes clean with a paper towel if it ever gets dirty."
Inverse - If You Like Dope Sh*t, You'll Love These 54 Things on Amazon by Ileana Morales Valentine and Christina X. Wood (08/29/2021) "This cute, silicone splash guard suctions onto the counter in front of you while you wash dishes so you don’t get a wet belly in the process. The wave pattern looks great in the kitchen and it protects cabinets under the sink from water damage, too. It comes in three muted colors."
Bustle - Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These 47 Home Products With Near-Perfect Reviews by Laura Harper (08/21/2021) "Drain and strain fruits, pasta, and vegetables with this clever over-the-sink strainer basket that reviewers are raving about. It’s adjustable to fit your sink dimensions — even if you move. You can use it as a dish rack to keep your forks and spoons from falling into the disposal, and it’s available in five pretty colors to match your kitchen setup."
Bustle - If Your Home Is Messy AF, You’ll Wish You’d Gotten These 42 Things Sooner by Mackenzie Edwards (08/09/2021) "Avoid spilling water all over the floor while you rinse dishes with this sink splash guard. It’s made of premium silicone and suctions to the countertop to create a barrier between you and the sink. You can also place it behind the faucet to protect your backsplash. The guard is easy to clean — just rinse it off or place it in the dishwasher. Choose from dark gray, light gray, or teal."
BuzzFeed - Just 34 Products That Fixed The Most Common Household Problems by Sally Elshorafa (08/07/2021) "A multi-purpose basket that extends to fit whatever sink you're working with. Thanks to its drainage holes, you can use it for all types of cleaning tasks, from cleaning veggies and fruits to silverware and plates. It also collapses when not in use for easy storage. Remind me again why we're still using those giant metal colanders that take up so much space!?!"
Bustle - If You're A Weirdo, These 42 Things Have Your Name Written All Over Them by Amanda Fama (08/07/2021) "Sometimes, doing the dishes can get messy and your clothing can get splashed with soapy water. This splash guard is meant to act like a shield to help prevent that from happening. It can be adhered to your countertop with suction cups and easily cleaned in the dishwasher, too."
Bustle - 45 Clever Things Under $30 You'll Get A Ton Of Use Out Of by Olivia Bowman (07/22/2021) "Ever walked away from doing the dishes only to find your torso soaking wet? It’s an annoyance easily solved by the BLUE GINKGO sink splash guard a curved silicone barrier that prevents water from splashing out of the sink. It protects you, as well as your cabinets and floors, from getting wet, and built-in grooves for your arms make it comfortable to work with."
msn.com - Top rated products to shop on Amazon this month by Saundra Latham (05/12/2021) "If the increasing bounty of fresh produce has you digging out the colander again and again, this self-draining over-the-sink version can save you a step. It's dishwasher safe and adjusts to fit most basins."
Bustle - 43 Weird But Genius Things Trending On Amazon Now by Rebecca Martinson (04/25/2021) "Your shirt doesn’t have to become a soggy mess every time you wash dishes; just grab this splashguard. It’s made from tough silicone, while the rounded bottom works like a suction cup to keep it in place. Choose from four colors: pink, green, gray, or blue."
BuzzFeed - 37 Genius Product To Help Fix Small (But Annoying) Problems by AnaMaria Glavan (05/01/2021) "A multi-purpose basket that expands to fit your sink *and* collapses so it can be shoved right back into a tiny kitchen cabinet. Cleverly designed with draining holes, this tool is perfect for straining pasta, washing fruits and veggies, or even drying some dishes. You know the metal colander you have now? The one that takes up more space than its worth? Ahem. We think it's on its way out."
BuzzFeed - 31 Things You Probably Need If You Have, Like, Zero Space In Your Kitchen by Alice Prendergast (03/12/2021) "Or an expandable colander that you can stretch over your sink to strain pasta or veggies. You can also use it to dry dishes, if you don't have the counter space for a traditional dish rack."


elite daily - 51 Things That Are Super Popular On Amazon Because They Work So Freakin' Well by Sharon Brandwein (12/10/2020) "When it’s time to do the dishes, keep the water in the sink and off of you with this splash guard. This guard adheres to granite, laminate, and other smooth surfaces, and the wave design makes it comfy for anyone to use since it has no hard edges."
romper - 66 Clever AF Things On Amazon That Are Flying Off The Shelves by Sharon Brandwein (11/15/2020) "This sink splash guard keeps your clothes clean when you’re washing dishes, and if you position it at the back of the sink, it protects your countertops, too. This splash guard is designed to stick to granite, laminate, and other solid surface countertops, and the unique wave design keeps you comfy because there are no sharp edges."
Bustle - 45 Genius, Cheap Products That Can Prevent Bad Stuff From Happening by Sharon Brandwein (10/31/2020) "Designed to stick to smooth granite, laminate, and other solid surface countertops, this sink splash guard protects your clothes while you’re doing the dishes and other chores. This splash guard is made from soft silicone and features a wave design. Choose from four colors."
Mic - 48 Weird Things for Your Home That Are Wildly Useful by Sharon Brandwein (09/14/2020) "This sink splash guard can be used in the front of your sink to protect your clothing or in the back to protect your island counters. Powerful suction cups are designed to stick to most solid surface countertops like granite or laminate, and if it needs cleaning, just toss it in the dishwasher."
BuzzFeed - 30 Kitchen Products That Look Cool *And* Work Well by Abby Kass (08/04/2020) "A colander designed so that it will expand and fit perfectly into your sink so you can easily strain and wash your food without awkwardly trying to balance it all in your sink."
Inverse - 40 Strange (But Genius) Things Selling Out Fast on Amazon by Christina X. Wood (07/25/2020) "Wash the dishes. Change your shirt. It happens to me every day, and I think you can always tell who did the washing from the dampness of their clothes. Thankfully, this splash guard is the solution. Suction it to the counter in front of you while you wash the dishes and it'll create a splash guard that keeps the water in the sink. It's sleek enough to leave there, too — and it comes in four muted colors that'll match your decor."