How to Label Your Blue Ginkgo Silicone Containers: A Handy Guide

How to Label Your Blue Ginkgo Silicone Containers: A Handy Guide


Unlock the full potential of your Blue Ginkgo silicone storage container with this simple "hack" – writing and drawing with just a marker and a dash of imagination. Here's how you can make the most out of this versatile technique:

  1. Effortless Organization: Easily identify the contents of your container by labeling items in your freezer, fridge, pantry, backpack, and more.
  2. Loss Prevention: Add a personalized touch by ensuring your containers return home from school, work, and various on-the-go activities.
  3. Leave a Message: Infuse fun or important messages with love notes on your containers, making each use a delightful experience.

The process is simple and enjoyable. Check out our favorite tools and tips below to get started!

How to Write on a Blue Ginkgo Container

  • Tools: We recommend using non-toxic chalk markers for the best semi-permanent results.
  • Get Started: Draw freely on the matte side of your silicone containers, unlocking a world of creative possibilities.
  • Get Creative: Express yourself with freehand designs and fancy lettering, turning each container into a canvas for your imagination.
  • Cleaning Tips: Fear not, as chalk and dry erase markers can be easily washed off in the dishwasher or with a simple hand wash using soap and water.

But most importantly, have fun! We'd love to see your creations, so be sure to tag @blueginkgo on social media and share your personalized masterpieces with the world.

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